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    Double track double curtain folding

    Details ——

     Product features

        Products from inorganic fiber composite shade patchwork, smooth operation, low noise, with two steps closing performance and temperature control release performance of products on the surface of the curtain splint spacing is 300 ~ 500 mm, fireproof performance for 3 h. The fireproof roller is protected from water spray, and it has good smoke resistance. Anti-rust, acid and alkali resistant, not aging, light weight, low price; The fire does not deform; Simple structure, convenient installation and other advantages.

        Using range

        It is suitable for industrial and civil building, with fireproof shutter. At the same time, it is suitable for all kinds of unconventional holes in large span, curved shape or corner.

        Type and performance metrics.

        (1) the opening and closing transmission device of the fire shutter can be installed on the left, right or left side of the room according to the installation conditions and requirements.

        (2) the position of the transmission mechanism should be considered when using the fire shutter, so as to avoid touching the building components.


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