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    Type of fire shutter

    Type of fire shutter


        The curtain face of fireproof rolls is up and down through the transmission device and control system. It has the function of fire prevention and fire protection, the product appearance is smooth and beautiful, the shape is new.

        Glume, has strong steel. Fireproof rolling shutter door is widely used in the fire prevention zone of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively prevent the fire spreading and ensure the safety of life and property. It is an indispensable fireproof facility in modern buildings. Is a kind of activity of fire compartmentation, generally with steel plate and sheet metal manufacture, with a buckle or hinged method, roll up the Windows and doors at ordinary times (and turn in the axle box, a fire when it down, to prevent the fire from spreading from Windows and doors hole. Fire shutter is the sort of modern building fire prevention facilities, has been included in the national code for fire protection design of buildings and other, there are main types of vertical steel fire shutter, lateral steel fire shutter, recumbent steel fire shutter. It is widely used in high-end hotels, restaurants, libraries, theaters, large shopping malls, railway stations, underground works and factory buildings, warehouses and garage buildings. The shutter type is divided into: common type and compound type. Common type has fire, smoke, wind, rain, anti - theft and other functions. The compound function is the same as the common type, but the compound type does not need to be protected by the water curtain, which is especially suitable for the dry water shortage and the water-repellent place. Here are some of the categories of fire shutter:

        1. Steel fire shutter.

        The steel material is used to make curtain board, guide rail, seat plate, door lintel, box body and so on, and with the roll door machine and control box to meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity.

        2. Inorganic fiber composite fire shutter.

        Refers to the use of inorganic fiber materials in shade, made from steel material plate, guide rail, plate, bar, cabinets, etc., and with the volume of machine and control box can meet the requirements of the refractory integrity shutter.

        3. Special grade fire shutter.

        Refers to the use of steel material or inorganic fiber materials in shade, instead of a cast, a splint made guide rail, plate, steel materials, signage, housing, etc., and with the volume of machine and control box can conform to the requirements of the insulating refractory integrity, stays and smoke prevention performance of shutter.


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